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On Thursday 5th May, Year 6 held an election at The Priory inspired by the London Elections.

They were first explained what the parties meant and offered. Then, they got into groups and prepared a speech for the school. It wasn’t just an amazing speech they had to prepare, they also had to make stickers with their party stickers to encourage  the children to vote. The also had to make big eye catching posters. Every child in Year 6 worked extremely hard in order to give their party the best chance of winning. But their could only be one winner… The Liberal party… L.E.P! Although some were upset because they didn’t win, they were still very proud of that party.


The L.E.P Party ran the school on Thursday 9th June. Their rules for the day included playing beat the goalie at lunch, circle time with juice and biscuits and a skipping competition.


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A day in the life of… Mr Mottram

a day in the life of

A day in the life of  . .  . posts will give you an insight into the world of the staff of The Priory. Our team of Bloggers have conducted interviews to find out the questions you want to know.

Please comment below if you have a member of staff you would like to feature in this series.

Mr Mottram. The music teacher at our school. He helps with all things music and once a week gives us amazing music lessons. But, have you ever wondered what his daily routine is like? Well, this blog post will tell you all about him and how much he does in one day, so…let’s find out!

Every morning, Mr Mottram cycles to school, arriving at school at 8:15. The first thing he does is play the piano, and of course make sure that the lessons are all ready. All day, he does lessons and even at break and lunch, he hopes to be in the music room so children get some extra practice.

If you have ever wondered how many instrument Mr Mottram plays, we have the answer… 4! The guitar, drums, piano and the recorder.

So that’s it. The whole of it. Hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to comment.

Mr Mottram

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Top 10 // Fastest 100m sprinters of all time

top ten

Male – 100m

Number Time (secs) Name Nationality
1 9.58 Usain Bolt Jamaica
2 9.69 Tyson Gay USA
2 9.69 Yohan Blake Jamaica
4 9.72 Asafa Powell Jamaica
5 9.78 Nesta Carter Jamaica
6 9.79 Maurice Greene USA
6 9.79 Justin Gatlin USA
8 9.8 Steve Mullings Jamaica
9 9.84 Donovan Bailey Canada
9 9.84 Bruny Surin Canada

Female – 100m

Number Time (secs) Name Nationality
1 10.49 Florence Griffith-Joyner USA
2 10.64 Carmelita Jeter USA
3 10.65 Marion Jones USA
4 10.7 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Jamaica
5 10.73 Christine Arron France
6 10.74 Merlene Ottey Jamaica
7 10.75 Kerron Stewart Jamaica
8 10.76 Evelyn Ashford USA
8 10.76 Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica
10 10.77 Irina Privalova Russia
10 10.77 Ivet Lalova Bulgaria

Information from:

Click here to see my post on fastest 100-110m hurdles!

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A day in the life of … Ms White

a day in the life of

A day in the life of  . .  . posts will give you an insight into the world of the staff of The Priory. Our team of Bloggers have conducted interviews to find out the questions you want to know.

Please comment below if you have a member of staff you would like to feature in this series.

Over to Maddie and Jasmine and their interview with Ms White.

1. Usually what time does your day start?

 Around 7:50 to look at school emails at home

2.What time do you get to school?

 The day starts at 8:10 am

3. When you get to school, what is the first thing you do?

I go on my computer and check all my emails from parents and staff, I go to meet Mrs Coyne and have a talk about school business.

4. When school starts, what do you do?

 I greet parents on their way out unless of meetings with staff or councillors.

5. Is their anything you do daily?

I reply to emails from parents and staff, meet with my admin officer and Mrs Elleker and I walk around the school at least once or twice a day to see how classes and teachers are getting on.


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Year 6 trip to the London Eye // News



On the 29th of January 2016, year 6 were lucky enough to visit the London Eye in Waterloo as part of their science and topic work.

“The experience was amazing , I learnt so much from the trip.” Molly 

“I had a great time with my classmates, enjoying the great views from the London Eye’s window, with all the great landmarks of Central London below us.” Sophie

Not only did they visit The London Eye but they also went to see the 4D Experience near by the famous wheel which was fascinating but at the same time fun and hilarious!

DSCF6451 DSCF6455

Views from the top of the London Eye

Photos: Chaiyla

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Top 10 // Things to have in your school bag

top ten


Welcome to Top 10! When you have read this blog post, you will know what to have in your school bag.

  1. The perfect pencil case with all the equipment you will need for the school day
  2. A water bottle – just in case it’s hot and you get thirsty
  3. Your exercise books
  4. A reading book
  5. Your lunch box
  6. Your PE kit
  7. A snack for break
  8. Homework
  9. Book to read
  10. Permission slip

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Craft Corner// How to make Lavender Bags

craft corner

Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!

So, Christmas has passed and it is now the new year. Prepare for a year packed with adventurous crafts. To kick start this year, lets start of with simple lavender bags.

You need: 2 equally sized small pieces of cloth, Hand picked lavender, a stitching needle and thread. Lets get started!

  1. Stitch together the  3 sides of the 2 pieces of cloths together making a pocket.
  2. Using the space that hasn’t been stitched fill in the pocket with the lavender.
  3. Stitch the last side.
  4. Enjoy using them


So, that’s it.

Don’t forget to read the variety of blogs we have. Until next week … keep crafty!!!!!!!!!!!


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Top 10 // Things to do when your bored

top ten


Things to do when you are bored…

  • Do your homework
  • Paint
  • Bake a cake
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath
  • Help an animal shelter
  • Climb trees
  • Do sports
  • Sleepwalk without sleeping
  • Call your friend
  • Doodling

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Top 10 Tips // Completing your homework

top ten

If you are having trouble completing your homework, then this post is for you! Here are my Top 10 Tips for completing homework:

  1. When you get your homework look through it and see what is asking you to do.
  2. Make sure you have the right stationary, eg: If you have Maths homework you may need to have a ruler or a protractor.
  3. You will need to be in a quiet room so you can concentrate and there will be no distractions.
  4. If you are not sure about anything, go and ask your teacher.
  5. Search through different websites to find the right information – don’t just rely on one.
  6. Always complete your homework the night you get it, (if you can) otherwise all of it could pile up and you will have lots to do in one night.
  7. Schedule your time – you may want to do it after school at a homework club or when you get home but make sure you have a specific time to do your homework.
  8. Make sure you are not tired otherwise you will not have the full concentration needed to complete your homework.
  9. Take your time with it – don’t rush or it could look messy and untidy.
  10. Always have a planner or a notebook to hand so you can write your hand in dates for your homework and ideas, eg: for a story.

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Craft Corner // How to make Christmas Decorations

Hi guys, it’s finally Christmas and of course everyone needs decorations. Wonder if you didn’t have to buy them… well, you don’t! You can make them and in a few easy steps, You’ll have the best things in the world, so lets get started…

  1. In a bowl, mix 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 11 halves of cold water.
  2. Mix until it becomes dough.
  3. Put it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
  4. Place the dough on some greaseproof paper.
  5. Roll it out on the paper and use cookie cutters to cut shapes into it.
  6. Remove the excess.
  7. Place the shapes on a new paper and place the paper on a tray.
  8. Put it in the oven for 2-3 hours at 275 degrees f.
  9. Take them out and decorate.

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